A vote for Maritza Rivera is a vote for public safety.

Maritza got the call nobody wanted to hear – there was a fatal shooting at her daughters’ school. Thankfully, her kids were safe, but a classmate was killed. She knew she had to do more than offer thoughts and prayers.

Maritza decided to run for City Council because our current council isn’t doing enough to keep us safe.

What you’ll get with her leadership:
More cops. Better training. Faster response times. A real partner, not a headline seeker.

Maritza Rivera will make public safety her top priority.

Maritza grew up in a five-story-walk-up in the Bronx. She knows all too well what happens to a city when policing isn’t a priority – low income and underserved communities suffer the most.

  • Faster 911 response times
  • More and better-trained police
  • Get guns out of schools
  • Get drug users into treatment
  • Make downtown and neighborhood districts safe

Maritza Rivera is endorsed by people you know and trust.

“I know and trust Maritza Rivera to take action on Seattle’s biggest challenges, from public safety to homelessness.”


Rivera puts public safety as her priority, saying she decided to enter the race after a student was shot and killed in Ingraham High School, which her kids attend.

To remedy long response times for emergency calls in North Seattle, Rivera would focus on hiring more cops. In a meeting with the editorial board, Rivera called council efforts to defund the police in 2020 a “huge mistake.”

To rebuild the department, Rivera wants to see more outreach to young people, particularly those attending the city’s community colleges. In addition, she supports the North Precinct building improvements that have long been put on hold.

Rivera would have approved an ordinance prohibiting public drug use and she emphasized the need for more treatment for those struggling with addiction.


  • 2005: 10-year plan to end homelessness

  • 2008: Nickelsville begins

  • 2015: 10-year plan fails

  • 2016: Homeless emergency declared

  • 2020: City Council defunds navigation team

  • 2021: City Council passes additional taxes for housing

  • 2023: Utter failure

Vote Maritza Rivera for Seattle City Council by August 1!